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Get The Purity Of Cannabis Checked Before You Buy

Cannabis is obtained from the cannabis plant scientifically known as, cannabis sativa. It is a wild plant that can be traced in many tropical and temperate parts of the world. It can grow in nearly any climatic condition and is increasingly being cultivated with the use of the indoor hydroponic technology. THC is the most commonly found ingredient in cannabis which is highly active and is responsible for the kick you get. The THC potency varies for each cannabis product. Cannabis is available in three forms namely marijuana, hash oil and hashish. Marijuana is extracted from the dried leaves and flowers of the plant cannabis. It is the least powerful of all and is usually smoked or given the form of edible items like brownies and cookies. Hashish is prepared from the gum-like substance of the plant. It is first dried and then pressed to make small blocks and then smoked. You can also try mixing it with food. Hash oil is the most powerful of all. It is a thick oil like substance extracted from hashish. This is also used for smoking.

Why is testing recommended?

If you go by the weed law, legal and shift cannabis grows abundantly across the U.S. This has made the lab tests something ubiquitous. With its increasing level of acceptance as a wellness product, accurate Cannabis testing is becoming mandatory. On examining around 57 cannabis concentrate samples about 80% of them were detected with residual solvents and pesticides that are not safe for consumption. For this practice to be more efficient, the labs should be aware of what types of pesticides they are testing for. Some labs are known to practice the “Elisa test” which is considered to be a perfectly legal test used to check the number of pesticides and insecticides present. For such authentic practices, you need to rely on any of the professional centers that take care of such issues.

Trust the best

CanMedLabs is one such center that comprises of a group including the toxicology professionals. They also boast of having a group of subject matter experts, related technology and knowledge, best practices and excellent leadership qualities in behavioral health sciences. When it comes to the cannabis industry, though they are new to this field, they have already shaken the world with their exceptional qualities. They know the tricks of competing and surviving in the highly regulated market that keeps evolving every day with their cannabis analytical testing services. They strictly follow the guidelines of the necessary ISO Accreditation procedures and know the way out as in how to hastily achieve and maintain such standards. They are even aware of some of the best business models, and nothing can stop them from attaining the respectable position in the cannabis industry.

Beware of the fake products

With the rising number of unethical labs doing fraudulent business, laying stress on accurate Cannabis testing is a must, to stay away from any fake cannabis products. Such dishonest practices have turned out to be a sign of danger for the entire weed world. With the rising number of fake products hitting the market, the customers slowly began to lose the trust, and the rules and regulations are made stricter.