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Pregnancy Skin Care for a Healthier You

Every mama knows that pregnancy can wreak havoc on your body. Suddenly your body seems to function only as a vessel to carry your precious baby. You seem to have nausea that goes on for days, your bladder seems to be non-existent, and your stretch marks begin making their appearance pretty early. If these changes aren’t enough, your body also goes through other changes such as changes with your hair and skin. Your skin, once beautiful and blemish free can seem to be a haven for acne, blackheads and other undesirable blemishes. Skin care is important when it comes to pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum.

Pregnancy Treatments

There are all kinds of products to help with the symptoms of pregnancy and help you to feel your most beautiful during a wonderful time in your life. Stretch marks of some kind are a given for most women during pregnancy. You can use a stretch mark minimiser to help prevent and minimise the appearance of stretch marks during your pregnancy. It’s important to take care of your skin during pregnancy as your body is going through major changes.

Maternity massages are good for the mind, body, and soul. This type of massage is specially tailored for pregnant women, and all of the positions and techniques that are used are safe. Benefits of pregnancy massages include the relief of the very familiar back and leg pain and to help you relax and be comfortable. Check out a pregnancy skin treatment spa near you.

A common symptom during pregnancy is tired and aching legs. Your legs are under more stress than ever before, due to hormonal shifts and weight gain. Massage with a high-quality lotion can help with blood circulation and relieve the discomfort associated with tired legs from pregnancy.

Care After Delivery

Skin care can seem like a daunting and impossible task after child birth. Your body has been through a lot. Take the time to pamper your skin in the way that it should be.  Exfoliating body scrubs are good for removing dead skin cells and helping to revitalise your skin. Treatment oils can help improve the elasticity and leave your skin feeling refreshed.

Stretch mark creams are not only useful during pregnancy but postpartum, as well. Use of this cream can reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  A body shaping cream is great for slimming down midriffs and hips. This is also a great massage and will help increase the circulation in these areas.

Water retention is common due to decreased circulation during pregnancy and the strain placed on the body. A body treatment oil can help improve circulation and help relieve retained water.

When it comes to pregnancy and postpartum skin care, pamper yourself. Your body is pulling off an amazing feat and deserves to be treated the best that it possibly can. This is not only beneficial for your physical and mental health, but a healthier, happier you, makes for a happier baby, which is what moms want the most.