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Pterostilbene – A Natural Way to Treat Your Ailments

Pterostilbene is a chemical compound that has some effect on sirtuins, the enzyme group using NAD+ to remove the acetyl groups from proteins. It is also an excellent antioxidant. You will find it in many food items like peanuts, almonds, grapes, blueberries and other sources too. The bark of the tree Pterocarpus marsupium also contains some traces of this compound. Chemically, it is seen to have similarities with resveratrol and demonstrates some of its health benefits. Blueberry is one of the most abundant sources of Pterostilbene.

Enjoy its benefits

The Pterostilbene supplement has an exclusive range of benefits like:

  • It promotes healthy blood sugar level – Both low and high blood sugar is considered unhealthy for a person. Pterostilbene helps in increasing the activity of the regulator of blood sugar located in the liver.
  • Revitalizes the brain cells – This supplement minimizes the injuries caused to your brain cells and also increases the viability of the cell thus improving the cognition and memory.
  • Acts as a powerful antioxidant – This is one of the most prominent jobs of Pterostilbene. It binds itself to the PPAR receptors and stimulates its production.
  • Lengthens your lifespan – The oxidative stress in the cells is a significant cause behind aging. But the antioxidant properties of Pterostilbene hold on to the potential of increasing your lifespan.
  • Provides anti-cancer effects – Pterostilbene has a high capability in increasing the rate of cell death and checking their reproduction. This happens when the development of the blood cells is monitored, and it acts as a significant advantage in the treatment of tumor growth.
  • Helps in losing weight – Most people are not aware of the fact that Pterostilbene can even help you lose weight to some extent. Also if you are not on cholesterol medications, this supplement still helps you lose weight.

The purity factor

When you are purchasing a dietary supplement, the purity of the product matters a lot. As a safety procedure, you should carefully check the ingredients contained and the method used in manufacturing. In case of Pterostilbene, the product that has been extracted from blueberries indicates the highest rate of purity. A lot of research is going on in developing more advanced techniques of extraction of pterostilbene compound from the wild blueberries. As a customer, you should be well-aware of the purity fact, as some fraudulent products are known to exist in some of the Asian countries where the demand of these dietary supplements has predominantly increased in the recent years. Though the compound is extracted from blueberries only, the quality of the mixture obtained is inferior. Most of the manufacturers use a chemically aggressive process for extraction which causes harm to the human body and should be avoided. Some of these poor quality products also contain a high amount of lead which is extremely harmful.

Recommended dosage

If you are planning to use the Pterostilbene supplement, you should always follow the recommended dosage and the suggested effective amounts. Considering its use for metabolism of your glucose and lipid then a dose of 200 to 700mg is recommended. But here, your weight plays a significant role.