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Ways to Reduce the Expense of Costly Prescriptions

You need your medication to get better – but the pharmacist gives you a total that would deplete your budget for weeks. The cost of drugs continues to increase and the average patient is feeling the brunt of it. Stuck between a rock in a hard place consumers are left to decide whether they want to get better or keep the lights on. If you’ve found yourself in a pickle such as this, you’re not alone. You may not be able to change the high cost of medication but you can lower your out of pocket expenses.

Use an Emergency Loan

If your medical condition is really serious and you need your medication you shouldn’t put your health at risk. They have quick installment loans online which are great for use in emergencies such as this. As long as you are 18, have a valid checking account, and a monthly income that meets minimum standards, you could get up to $1250 towards your prescription costs. You then have a few months to repay the loan so that your budget isn’t depleted.

Ask for Generic Brands

Much like every product on the market, there are several companies who make the same type of medication it’s just under a different name. If you can’t afford major brand prescriptions, you could ask your doctor or pharmacist about generic brands. These are just as effective but cost a lot less. They may also be covered by your insurance company since they’re a lot cheaper.

Pharmacy Discount Cards

Major pharmacies now offer their customers the option to use discount cards to get percentages off their regular prescriptions. Inquire about this with your pharmacy to see if you qualify. Some pharmacy cards will not only get you deals on medication but save you a ton of money on other health and wellness products you might need in the pharmacy.

Switch Insurance Policies

You may have chosen your health insurance plan because it was the popular option or the most affordable, but switching could get your prescriptions covered. Review all the policies offered by your employer to ensure you’re making the most informed decision. If you have to pay a slightly higher deductible or copay but your prescriptions are free this could very well be worth paying for.


Pharmaceutical companies are always in competition for business. They know there are other brands marketing the same medications to patients and they have to find ways to keep patients away from the competition. That’s why they offer coupons to popular or very expensive medications. It reduces the cost to consumers and gives them an opportunity why they’re the brand you should use. Check online and take advantage of these discounts.

It really is a shame that millions of people go without the medications they need simply because the prices are through the roof. Unfortunately, the cost of prescription meds will likely only increases as the years go on. If your prescriptions are starting to weigh heavily on your pockets, there are a few ways you can save money and reduce your out of pocket costs.